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Dr. Mackenzie Thurston

Dr. Thurston is a chiropractor and owner of Parkwood Chiropractic Centre. She graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 2017 and practiced In her hometown of Ottawa, Ontario at various multi-disciplinary clinics including sports medicine, hospital settings, and regular family practice prior to moving to the Muskoka region with her partner who has family roots in Huntsville.

Dr. Thurston has a wide variety of knowledge and experience in chiropractic, health and wellness. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with a minor in Biology and Ice Hockey Coaching at Bemidji State University in Minnesota where she was fortunate to play NCAA Division I hockey for 4 years.

Since completing chiropractic college, Dr. Thurston has put in many hours advancing her education to best serve her patients. She has completed her Medical/Neuro functional Acupuncture program at MacMaster University, Complete Concussion Management, Athletic Movement Assessment, Integrated Kinetic Neurology, Kinesiology Taping, Rock Tape FMT Movement certification, Active Release Technique, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, Custom Stabilizing Orthotics, Activator Method and First Aid, CPR, AED Care.

Her background and education has afforded her a valuable experience in examining, diagnosing and treating a diverse population.

In her spare time you can find Dr. Thurston playing sports, exercising, paddling, camping, snowboarding, and most certainly spending time with her dogs Ricki and Stryker.

Starting in October, Dr. Thomas Murphy will be joining Parkwood Chiropractic Centre.

Dr. Thomas Murphy is a dedicated chiropractor and registered massage therapist who graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in June of 2023. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, which has uniquely influenced his approach to chiropractic and massage therapy. Dr. Murphy is passionate about human biomechanics, performance optimization, and promoting overall health through lifestyle changes.


During his time at CMCC, Dr. Murphy actively participated in the Human Performance Lab and contributed to research on the kinetics of thoracic spinal manipulation. Having published his research in the Journal of Applied Biomechanics, Thomas continues to make research and evidence based practice a focus of his approach to care.

With a broad spectrum of experience, Dr. Murphy has successfully treated various patient demographics, including athletes, seniors, hospital patients, and individuals with neurological conditions. As an ardent runner, rock-climber, and outdoor enthusiast, he understands the physical demands of an active lifestyle and the need to care for and maintain one’s body. In his role as a practitioner, Dr. Murphy works closely with patients to manage injury, stress, and pain, while providing the education and motivation to live life to the fullest

Dr. Thomas Murphy

Dr. Bill Charlton

Dr Charlton, D.C.

Dr. Bill Charlton, After 32 years in practice, of which 22 years have been serving the people of Muskoka, Dr. Charlton has decided to retire from active practice. He would like to thank all of the wonderful people of Muskoka for allowing him to be part of their lives and families. Dr. Charlton looks for forward pursuing less physical work within healthcare and enjoying a slower pace.

Dr. Charlton is very pleased that Dr. Thurston has taken over for him. Please rest assured Dr. Thurston will continue to provide quality care.

Dale Smith is our office manager and chiropractic assistant. She is a valued member of our team and loved by all. Dale was born and raised in Muskoka, and is either related to or knows most of the local people.

Dale has an extensive background in the industry and working with people in general. She has training in the use of many of our therapy machines and assists in all areas of the clinic. Dale is a great problem solver and has guided many patients through the complicated and confusing claim forms for WSIB and Auto insurance.

Dale Smith

Dale Smith

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We Proudly Provide Quality Chiropractic Care to Muskoka and Surrounding Areas.

We perform a thorough examination in order to guide us through your individual treatment plan. Parkwood chiropractic uses a variety of tools such as acupuncture, soft tissue therapy, diversified adjustments, exercise/rehabilitation and much more.

Any problem by a sport, work accident etc.

We welcome the chance to serve you.